Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development

CitNet was one of the organizers of this meeting to prepare for the June 2012 UN Conference on Environment & Development in Rio de Janeiro (Rio+20).

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Green Market Exposition

Barnum Museum
820 Main St
Bridgeport, CT 06604 US

Sustainable Solar Strategy for Connecticut Prepared for the Long-Term Sustainable Solar Strategy Workgroup

This report presents a long-term, sustainable solar strategy for Connecticut intended to grow
solar through a set of programs and initiatives designed to reduce existing barriers to solar
energy development. Taken together, the recommendations are intended to benefit all
ratepayers, including residential, commercial, and government consumers of electricity, as well

Connecticut Clean Energy Fund


The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund promotes, develops, and invests in clean energy sources for the benefit of Connecticut ratepayers.


Connecticut will lead the nation in attaining a sustainable balance of energy production, economic growth and environmental impact.

Institute for Sustainable Energy (at Eastern Connecticut State University)

The Institute for Sustainable Energy focuses on matters relating to energy education, energy policy, energy efficiency, energy conservation and load management, renewable energy, distributed generation, protection of environmental resources, and the dissemination of useful information on energy alternatives and sustainability to users and providers of energy.

Connecticut Energy Education

We are a curriculum resource for educators featuring the energy topics in the Connecticut high school curriculum. Issues and topics are explored with a Connecticut focus, and with an emphasis on solutions that students can implement. We offer information, lessons, labs and activities in