Celebrate Buy Nothing Day

Perhaps you managed to overcome the temptation to take advantage of all those great deals sweeping across the mass media in celebration of "Black Friday" -- the official launch of the Christmas shopping season.

UN Under-Secretary General calls for US leadership on Rio+20

 On June 28, 2011, UN Under General Secretary Sha Zukang spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, calling upon the United States for its leadership in getting the world's governments and citizens to re-commit themselves to the global challenge of sustainable development -- one of t

Sha Zukang

American Public Media: Sustainability

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. At American Public Media we are telling the unfolding story of sustainability as it becomes a larger issue in the national and global dialogue over the use of Earth's resources.

Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire

CSRwire is the world’s number one resource for corporate social responsibility news as well as the hub for an influential community that has realized the value and necessity of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability.


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Grist is the nation’s favorite independent source of green news and views. Since 1999, Grist has provided incisive and irreverent information that connects readers to the environmental issues that are part of everyday life, like food, energy, climate, politics, consumption, and pop culture.

Connecticut GreenScene

We strive to provide a PLATFORM to promote and amplify the incredible work of individuals, groups and organizations; a RESOURCE for those wanting to know how to achieve their sustainable goals; and a NETWORK to connect it all together into a LOCAL FORCE FOR GREATER GOOD.

IISD Reporting Services (IISD RS)

The International Institute for Sustainable Development - Reporting Services Division - provides a variety of multimedia informational resources for environment and sustainable development policymakers, including daily coverage of international negotiations, analyses and photos.