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United States National

Applies to US federal government or national leadership

Applies to US federal government or national leadership

Oil industry helps organize anti-climate rallies

Taking a cue from angry town hall meetings on the Obama Administration's health care restructuring, the oil industry is helping to organize http://members.greenpeace.org/blog/greenpeaceusa_blog/2009/08/13/don_t_l... ">anti-climate legislation ralli

Is the US ready to lead on sustainability?

What is the status of sustainability in the Obama Administration? How should this concept and the various issues and values clustered around it fit within the Administration's list of priorities? Law professor John Dernbach presents a number of key points in constructing the path to a sustainable America.

Schedule for climate bill in the Senate

Climate Progress reportst that Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has promised the release of her committee's discussion draft on September 8, the first day back from the summer recess.

NACo adopts pharmaceutical take-back resolution

Nashville, Tenn. The National Association of Counties (NACo), the country's largest local government organization, today unanimously adopted a policy supporting producer responsibility for unwanted medicines.

Obama paints a new vision for nation's urban policy

Addressing a White House urban affairs summit on Monday, President Obama called for the "reinvention" of America's cities and metropolitan areas and vowed to spark a public conversation to create a "new, imaginative, bold vision" for urban policy.

Smart growth advocate Ron Sims moves to the other Washington

As King County Executive, Ron Sims was a bold and visionary leader nationally recognized for his work on transportation, climate, health care reform and urban development; now Sims has moved to the Number 2 position at the US Department of Housing and Urban Developmen

President Obama announces new efficiency initiatives to reduce America's energy use

Building on action by the House of Representatives in passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act, President Obama announced new efficiency initiatives, including tougher standards for light bulbs and expedited investments in more energy efficient ho