State Department official John Matuszak delivers sustainability statement after CSD 17

May 4 2009 - 9:17am

On Earth Day this year, the new U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was asked to characterize his vision for the Department of Agriculture, and he answered with one word – “sustainable.” We...

Office of Ecosystem Services and Markets

Feb 19 2009 - 1:04am

Sally CollinsOne recent development within the US Department of Agriculture has been the creation of...

Beyond Secretary of Agriculture

Feb 18 2009 - 9:23pm

How to change USDA with sustainable agriculture allies

In her article on Gristmill last November 25, 2008...

Global food crisis

Feb 18 2009 - 8:55pm

The new world of soaring food prices.
April 2008

A five-part series by the Washington Post exploring the...

Financial meltdown worsens food crisis

Feb 18 2009 - 7:18pm

As global prices soar, more people go hungry
by Ariana Eunjung Cha and...

The question of the sustainability in the food system rises in response to the cries of the hungry, the malnourished, as well as the overfed, the cases of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses rooted in unhealthy eating practices and products.

Food safety, availability, affordability of healthy and nutritious food is increasingly a problem in the US, despite its affluence. In turn, less affluent countries are hit with a "silent tsunami" of increased food prices and hunger epidemics. Small farmers are pressured by the global market system to choose being profitability and social responsibility. How to move towards sustainable food systems, locally and globally?