Sustainable America 2012: How Sustainable is Your Candidate?

Oct 17 2012 - 12:37pm

Widener Law School's Environmental Law Center has created a website showing the positions of...

Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development

Citizens Summit logo
Mar 20 2012 - 2:10pm

On March 24-25, the US-Canada Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development will bring together citizen organizations and networks, educators,...

CitNet workshop at UN Commission on Sustainable Development

Jul 9 2009 - 9:57am

The workshop at the UN was on "Defining Sustainable Consumption and Production" with regard to food and agriculture.

The workshop examined some of the tools and processes involved in...

Report from the 2009 session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD 17) May 4-15 now available

May 18 2009 - 8:47am

At the meetings of the UN CSD, major civil society groups recognized by the Commission (farmers, women, NGOs, indigenous peoples, scientists, youth, workers, business and local authorities) have...

World at tipping point: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks to the CSD 17

May 13 2009 - 9:07am

There is a strong link between climate change and the issues before this session. Sustainable agriculture can contribute to climate change mitigation. On the other hand, if left unchecked, climate...

The question of the sustainability in the food system rises in response to the cries of the hungry, the malnourished, as well as the overfed, the cases of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses rooted in unhealthy eating practices and products.

Food safety, availability, affordability of healthy and nutritious food is increasingly a problem in the US, despite its affluence. In turn, less affluent countries are hit with a "silent tsunami" of increased food prices and hunger epidemics. Small farmers are pressured by the global market system to choose being profitability and social responsibility. How to move towards sustainable food systems, locally and globally?