20th Anniversary of the Earth Summit

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit -- the UN Conference on Environment and Development -- which represented a historical moment bringing together heads of state to develop a blueprint for moving towards sustainability in the 21st century, i.e., Agenda 21. The Earth Summit, with its parallel Global Forum also represented the biggest gathering of civil society organizations (17,000) up to that time.

UN Prepares for Rio+20

On June 4-6, 2012, the United Nations will convene the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (aka "Rio+20") in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting will bring together world leaders and representatives from civil society to "renew political commitment to sustainable development, assess the progress to date and the remaining gaps in the implementation...and address new and emerging challenges."

The conference will focus on two main themes:

1. Green economy in the context of sustainable development
2.The institutional framework for sustainable development

U.S. citizens prepare for Rio+20

Groups in the US have been discussing the aims and options for citizen participation in the Rio+20 process, both in attending the meeting in Brazil and in discussions at home about the legacy of the Earth Summit and its meaning for US citizens.

On March 8, CitNet, WeCanada, Bahai International and NRDC organized an event, in conjunction with the second UN Preparatory Committee meeting for Rio+20.  Our meeting is described in the Report on the North American Civil Society Consultation on Rio+20

See also presentation Time for Change: North American Preparations for UNCSD 2012 (attached below)

Online Citizens Forum on Rio+20

Join the online discussions on the key issues of the Rio+20 conference.  Share your thoughts about the green economy, environmental governance, institutional structures for sustainable development, and assessment of progress in the past 20 years -- as well as where we are heading in the next 20.

CitNet and the 1992 Earth Summit

The Citizens Network for Sustainable Development was originally created by citizen organizations to prepare for the 1992 UN Conference on Sustainable Development ("Earth Summit") in Rio de Janeiro. At that time, the Earth Summit was seen by many to be one of the most important gatherings in its time of civil society, private sector and governments in addressing the future of the planet. Since then the concept of "sustainability" as well as public awareness, business and government policy and practices have evolved over the past 20 years into the current context and challenge, in which the UN is now calling for a new commitment to sustainable development in Rio next year.



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