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The Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet) is an independent, non-profit voluntary network bringing together US based organizations, communities, and individuals working on sustainability issues across the US.

Originally founded in 1990 as the U.S. Citizens Network for UNCED to encourage and enable active participation in the 1992 Earth Summit, the network changed its name to the Citizens Network for Sustainable Development and focused on the challenge of building the sustainability movement within the United States and abroad, paying special attention to grassroots organizations, communities, and citizen movements. See History of the Citizens Network


The governance structure of the Citizens Network begins with the broad base of members, both individuals and organizations, who are encouraged to self-organize in Working Groups around their priorities as to their interests in specific issues or place, through local/regional focal points ("Regioners"). The key coordinators or representatives of these Working Groups and Regioners make up the network's governing Steering Committee, which makes decisions on key network policy and plans. The membership, Working Groups, Regioners and Steering Committee are supported in day-to-day operations and administration through the National Secretariat and National Coordinator, based near Washington, DC.


One of the main functions of the network is to encourage and promote leadership on sustainability among citizens, in their work and private lives, in promoting and practicing sustainability -- in their communities and regions as well as at the national and international level.

Sustainability principles and values

In addition to encouraging and promoting examples of citizen leadership on sustainability, the Network continues to courage the adoption of sustainability principles and values within our government. This work, beginning with the citizen delegations to the 1992 Earth Summit and the annual United Nations  ommission on Sustainable Development sessions which followed, also focuses on promoting leadership on sustainability within state and local government.

National public advocacy

At the national level, CitNet members continue to advocate for specific sustainability policies within the White House, federal departments and agencies, and within Congress. A major and ongoing CitNet campaign involves advocacy for a National Sustainability Strategy and an Office of Sustainability which monitors and implements that strategy.

In short, the mission of the Citizens Network for Sustainable Development is here to help build the sustainability movement in the United States and beyond. We welcome all concerned citizens to join us in moving our country towards sustainability and a better quality of life for everyone.

National Secretariat

You can contact CitNet by email, phone or mail:

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